Our Team

Profile Image of Mr. Charlie Artingstoll

Mr. Charlie Artingstoll

Founder & Director

Mr. Charlie Artingstoll, the visionary Founder & Director of Sin Sar Bar, drives impactful initiatives through his innovative leadership, fostering open discussions and creative expressions on vital social issues.

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Ms. Hsu Myat Yadanar Kyaw Soe


Ms. Jessi Kyaw Soe, Co-Director of Sin Sar Bar, merges her psychological background with adept social media management and research skills, promoting financial literacy, coordination, and community engagement.

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Ms. Ei Myet Chel

Program Officer

Ms. Ei Myet Chel, our dedicated Programme Officer, combines academic prowess with versatile skills in project proposals, data analysis, and administration, enriching SSB's initiatives through her commitment to education and multitasking excellence.

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Ms. Mai Helnar Kan Nyunt

Ethnic Language Coordinator

Ms. Mai Helnar Kan Nyunt, SSB's Ethnic Language Coordinator, leverages her diverse academic background for precise translations, content management, participant interaction, and enhancing SSB's communication and content initiatives.